PowerPlay Magazine give new E.P 8 Power Points

» PowerPlay Magazine give new E.P 8 Power Points

Powerplay Magazine recently reviewed the bands upcoming Self Titled E.P giving it a massive 8 power points. The band were blown away by the review posted by the iconic rock mag…. “We are speechless, we cannot express how much we appreciate the love that Powerplay has shown us for this new record… now the pressure is on for us to produce a cracker of a Debut Album!” said Guitarist Aaron Hammersley.

“Having already released a single/video on Youtube for Bitter, the bands promotion is well underway and if this single is anything to go by, attention everywhere will be sturdily grabbed and a hunger for more will set in soon after”

“This E.P surges with energy and catchy hooks, and if all of this can be created in three tracks, this band is more than capable of producing a momentous sophomore album”

You can preview the review below, the current issue of Powerplay is available from all good newsagents now!

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