BTV Team up with Crispy Jacket Studios for music video shoot.

» BTV Team up with Crispy Jacket Studios for music video shoot.

The Vultures recently teamed back up with Dorset based video production company  “Crispy Jacket Studios” to shoot another music video for their upcoming releases in the new year! Shooting a different style of video than they have normally done, working with Karl Edmonstone on Camera duties and director duties. The video itself is a loose performance video with a heavy story overboard theme, it focuses on the lyrical content of the song and really is a different step for the band. The band also teamed up with the ever lovely Emma Louise Winters who plays Johanna in the track. “We were really lucky to get Emma on-board with us for this, she plays the part of Johanna down to a tee and we are eternally grateful for all she gave to the performance to help us make this something special!” added drummer Jonno Smyth


“It was fantastic to work with Karl again, the guy really has a great creative vision for this kind of thing! It was a great experience for us to do a video this way, it makes such a change from your basic band performance video. We had the rough idea’s in our head, but with Karl behind the camera and directing he really had the vision to shoot something i think will be very spectacular!”  Says bassman Ched Cheeseman. The video will be due for release in the early part of 2019, more news to follow.


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