BTV Join Iron Road Talent Management

» BTV Join Iron Road Talent Management

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined the Iron Road Talent Management Roaster as their second ever signing. We are in very good company with the likes of the mighty Wolf Jaw, having been discussing things in great detail over the last few weeks we can now confirm that we are officially part of their roaster. They will be working as our exclusive management throughout the world and this will give the band a great deal more time to focus more on crafting more new music and working on their live show. Keep your eyes on our socials for more developments over the next few months, Iron road released the following statement via their official Facebook page;

“So here we go everyone our second roster announcement, we are excited to announce Black Tree Vultures to The Iron Road Talent Mangement Roster.
We’ve known Jonno at the Iron Road about 5 years after he played the venue several times with his previous band so when he left and formed a new band we were excited to see them play so wasn’t long before Black Tree Vultures debuted at the venue and we loved them immediately. Watching their growth since then has been fantastic and getting to know Celyn, Aaron & Ched has been a lot of fun.
We have heard their new material and it is fantastic, we can’t wait for you to hear it, have a live taster when we stream the guys live on 18th July”

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