BTV Family T-Shirts Announced

» BTV Family T-Shirts Announced

The band have announced an official line of T-Shirts specifically for all of those involved in the Black Tree Vultures Family, for those of you who are unaware the BTV Family are the official fan group of the band and has been growing heavily in numbers since day 1! Announcing the T-shirts back in September and having an overwhelming interest in them, its been a long process with many of you adding your names to the ever growing list! They have finally arrived and they look magnificent, all of your lovely names on the back and a very cool design on the front!

“This project has been overwhelming for us, we were blown away by the amount of interest in these t shirts! Our Family page is ever growing and we want to make all of you who support us day in day out realise how much we value you all! We have this official exclusive T-shirt that will only be available to those who pre-ordered! We will no doubt release newer versions with updated names over the next few years and we are so glad to have you all as part of this with us!”  Said drummer Jonno Smyth

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