BTV Enter the studio

» BTV Enter the studio

Black Tree Vultures spent the last weekend locked away in “Outhouse Studios” in Reading recording 3 brand spanking new tracks. The band went in to lay down 3 of their most recent tracks for a new release due out in 2019. The new release will showcase the bands songwriting and evolution since their debut release “Sanity Isn’t perfect”, the band has been very secretive about this upcoming release with more info to come soon! They did however post a small snippet of one of the tracks on their social media pages, we got an exclusive here…..


“We have been working really hard over the last year, focusing on elements of our songwriting and evolving the band sound to be more accurate of what we are now. We took a different approach when recording these tracks and the benefits of recording live can certainly be heard throughout the songs that we did! All will be revealed soon!” said drummer Jonno Smyth.

More info to follow.

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