BTV Enter the studio with Producer “Romesh Dogangoda”

» BTV Enter the studio with Producer “Romesh Dogangoda”

The band recently revealed that they were heading into the studio and teaming up with award winning producer “Romesh Dogangoda” (Bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, stone broken). The band leaked a few videos that we managed to get our hands on to show elusive previews of the new sounds the band have been making, one thing is for sure… its a massive step up for them! Spending 2 days in the studio in Wales focusing on making a brand new single it looks like the band have really focused on their songwriting and musicianship… Guitar man Aaron Hammersley had this to say;

“The goal was to head into the studio with Romesh and make a brand new single due for release in 2020, we’ve spent a lot of time on ourselves recently and looked at our tracks and decided it was time to step it up and push boundaries even further! Working with Romesh was fantastic, he opened our eyes and ears to many new ways of recording and gave us time to experiment with different guitars, snares, basses and microphones it was something we had not done before. The sound of the finish product is absolutely insane and we cant wait to show you all…. but thats all i can say for now cause more will be revealed as time goes on!”

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