Aaron Speaks with 69X Radio

» Aaron Speaks with 69X Radio

Recently our very own Aaron Hammersley sat down and spoke with the wonderful people over at Radio 69X. Aaron gave a nice insight into the life and times of BTV, all of what we have been up too while lockdown is in place & gave a brief message to our fans. You can watch the full video below and you can check out the 69X website here!
The band released the following statement via their Facebook page;
“Our very own Aaron Hammersley is spotlighted in the amazing 69X promo show & interview for BLACK TREE VULTURES.
Watch the video, drop a like and comment below on how you think Aaron did 😇
Thank you very much to Mandy Lawrie for the work she has put in to this! Thanks for having us on the show!
2020 has been a difficult recently but we as a band are stronger than ever. We have some big things planned and with Roulette Media on our side we are sure to bring you some kick ass tunes and forever memories in the next few years!
Thanks for sticking by us & here’s to a positive future 🍺” 

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