Back in November the band were part of the HRH festival that takes place every year, This year the festival took place in Great Yarmouth and what an event it was! The place was heaving and the band had a hella show, delivering 45 minutes of pure adrenaline on the second stage on Friday evening! Gaining an array of new family members to the BTV Family and filling the second stage to near capacity by the end of their set, the band certainly turned a few heads at this event! They released the following statement on their Facebook page;



When a photo just says it all. Look at the smiles, look at the joy. This is what being a family is all about, with one common love between everyone in this photo. Music. ❤️

The crowd at HRH Festival this year was phenomenal. You were loud. You sang proud. You even brought a few tears to Celyn’s eye after the show. 🥰

We cannot explain the feeling of what’s it’s like to play up there. It’s our passion. It’s what we want to do with our precious lives. We are so glad that people are willing to travel this journey with us. 😀

For those who have never seen us before and enjoyed, we welcome you to our family. A special group of people who look out for eachother and support one another. Again, with one common love. Music. 😘

So next time you see someone with a Black Tree T-Shirt on, don’t be afraid to say hello. They are your family after all. 🥰

See you on the other side. 🙂”