Many of you may already know who Crispy Jacket Studios are, if not... allow us to inform you! The band has previously worked with the fantastic Karl Edmonstone founder of the production company on their debut music video "Overrule me!" which was received to critical acclaim from audiences all over the globe! The band teamed up with Karl again in late 2018 to film 2 more music videos to accompany their self titled E.P due out in April 19th, more on that later!

Flashback to Summer 2018 when the band closed the Dutch festival Wolluk-Stock, they were joined by Karl who was filming the entire process for the makings of a Documentary (Rockumentary). Fast forward to now and the Karl will be joining the band again as they head out for their 4 exclusive European date's to promote new single Bitter!

"We adore working with Karl, he has a creative vision when it comes to visuals that we just cannot comprehend! The guys a genius bottom line! We're thrilled to welcome him back into the Committee for another jaunt across Europe, hes going to be getting in every inch of what we're up too! We had such a blast working with him before, and on the two new music videos we have in store for you... we think the end product of this Documentary is going to be something special for all of us! We cannot wait to show you all!" Said Drummer Jonno Smyth

More information with regards to Documentary release dates to follow in the coming months, you can find out all you need to about Karl and Crispy Jacket studios via the links below!


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