The band recently returned from a trip to oversea’s to sunny Spain to head into the studio

to record a follow up E.P to their last “Self Titled” release. The band teamed up this time with producer “Will Maya” responsible for records with bands like “The Answer & Breed 77”.  Spending 5 days in the village of Morralzarzal where the studio is based, tracking 4 brand new songs that they will be releasing later in the year. The band hasn’t announced a release date or track listing for the E.P yet, keep your eyes peeled for more information!

“We worked with a producer (Romesh Dodangoda) on our latest single “Pull Apart” and we really felt like it would be a wise step to team up with another one to really push and develop our sound and find out what boundaries we could break by bringing in someone more experienced.  Working with Will was an absolute pleasure and he has helped craft and develop these tracks into a next level of songwriting and performance for us, our goal being to improve on everything we put out we feel like this was the best decision for us.” Said bassman Ched Cheeseman.

Have a look at some of the exclusive photo’s & videos we managed to get our hands on!