The band have just been recently announced to make an appearance at "Rock The River" 2020. This event is an annual event that takes place in Koblenz, Germany. The event itself see's three bands head out on a boat to perform while the boat sets sail around the Rhine of Koblenz. Black Tree Vultures will be joining the likes of Rebel Monster & Motor Jesus. This no doubt will be one of the highlights of 2020 and its the first official show they have announced for the year! One not to miss for the bands European fans!

"This is going to be one hell of a show for us, I've worked with these guys at Rockfreunde before in previous bands of mine... They are all very good friends of mine and im super thrilled to be able to perform at this event for them! Its going to be one hell of a party with some great music and even better times! If your able to join us if your one of our European Family or even if some of our UK friends want to join us... You wont regret it!" - Said Drummer Jonno Smyth

Tickets are more information can be found at;