“Pull Apart” teaser video released

The band gave a sneak preview of their upcoming single “Pull Apart” by dropping a small video teaser of the music video. The single which is due for worldwide digital release on BTV records via PHM drops on Friday Feb 21st, but enough of our chatting…. here is the preview below;

3000 Likes surpassed on Facebook!

Recently the band surpassed the 3000 likes milestone on their official Facebook page. The band celebrated this news with a short video released via their social media platforms, their Instagram profile also just surpassed the 500 followers mark. Don’t forget you can follow the band on all social media platforms as well as individual band […]

Happy New Year 2020!

A massive happy new year to all of you who have been part of the bands journey in 2019, we hope you will join us for more in 2020! The band released the following statement from their Official facebook page; “*** HAPPY NEW YEAR! *** We wanna take this opportunity to wish everyone a very […]

BTV Family T-Shirts Announced

The band have announced an official line of T-Shirts specifically for all of those involved in the Black Tree Vultures Family, for those of you who are unaware the BTV Family are the official fan group of the band and has been growing heavily in numbers since day 1! Announcing the T-shirts back in September […]

Hard Rock Hell Rocked!

Back in November the band were part of the HRH festival that takes place every year, This year the festival took place in Great Yarmouth and what an event it was! The place was heaving and the band had a hella show, delivering 45 minutes of pure adrenaline on the second stage on Friday evening! […]

BTV Shoot new Music Video

BTV Have once again teamed up with the wonderful Crispy Jacket Studios to shoot a brand spanking new Music video for their new single “Pull Apart” which is due for release early 2020! The band called again on the creative eyes of the fantastic Karl Edmonstone who is the main man at Crispy Jacket Studios […]