So Far... So Good!

South Coast Hard Rockers – Recently described by Classic Rock Magazine as “Manly No-Bullshit beef with a modern edge.” Have made headway across the U.K. and European music scene. Playing their original music on what is described as “The Never Ending Tour” across countless cities including London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The band consists of four members, Celyn Beynon (Lead Vocals), Aaron “Ham” Hammersley(Lead Guitar), Ched “Cheese” Cheeseman (Bass) and Jonno Smyth (Drums) have managed to create a raw sound that certainly screams power.

They have clocked many miles on the road and hit the stage with the likes of The Darkness, Phil Cambell And The Bastard Sons And Devilskin. The roar from the crowd cements that although the band in its current line-up is less than a year old, the Black Tree Vulture Family are on the rise.

Black Tree Vultures currently have two E.P’s out to date, Sanity isn’t Perfect (2018) and The BRAND NEW self-titles EP in 2019 (Black Tree Vultures) however with only a handful of songs actually recorded, the band’s setlist is crammed full of yet to be recorded original material that the fans have already picked up and singing back to the boys on the stage.

At the E.P Launch in April 2019, Black Tree Vultures sold out to full capacity within ten days of the announcement, furthermore releasing 50 more tickets due to high demand then selling them within a further 10 minutes. Dangerous.

Celyn Beynon had this to say on the message that Black Tree Vultures emits:

“Although life is hard and can be difficult, we are all here to have a good time and create memories. Ourselves and the fans are bonded over one thing. Music. I do not see the people who enjoy our music as fans per-se, I see them all as Family. That is what we are, family, family that are creating these special memories together.”

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The Band

November 2018 (6)

Celyn Beynon - Lead Vocals

November 2018 (2)

Aaron Hammersley - Lead Guitar


Jonno Smyth - Drums

James “Ched” Cheeseman  - Bass Guitar

Aftershow Shot