As Black Tree Vultures come up to their third Birthday let's look back over the last few years at what has been accomplished for the upcoming British rock band...

Amongst being selected for HRH’s “Dirty Dozen” to perform in Ibiza the band has visited 6 countries world-wide. They have been on the same bill with household names such as The Darkness, Devilskin and Buckcherry. They have toured all four corners of the UK, racking up almost 200 shows in 3 Years. Putting on, as Classic Rock describes, a “No Beef Bullshit” live show and a message to fans that, “We Are In This, As A Family”.

“Pull Apart” THE LATEST SINGLE dropped in February 2020 and hit the fans with a brand new attitude, singalong lyrics and the BTV Boys didn’t stop there. With a recording session in Spain, they have plenty of secrets up their sleeves for what looks to be an ambitious 2020/21.

The lads pride themselves on a memorable live performance and their utmost dedication to their craft. DO NOT MISS OUT on the movement that is coming along with these guys and their music. Be part of the family.

Stay tuned for more. Black. Tree. Vultures.

The Band

November 2018 (6)

Celyn Beynon - Lead Vocals

November 2018 (2)

Aaron Hammersley - Lead Guitar


Jonno Smyth - Drums

James “Ched” Cheeseman  - Bass Guitar

Aftershow Shot